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Forest Masters FM10T (patent pending) is a sturdy Electric Log Splitter capable of splitting logs up to 520mm in length. When used in conjunction with the Duocut blade, it has an equivalent splitting capacity of 10 tons. It has a simultaneous button and lever operation so that it cannot be operated one handed, making it compliant with the latest safety regulations.

This Electric Log Splitter comes supplied with our unique Duocut blade & Stand for ease of use. This enables twice the splitting capacity of similarly rated electric log splitters and ensures that if a knot is encountered at one end, it will still split from the other. The blade easily bolts on in place of the standard pusher block.


  • Efficient twin blade operation
  • Force 5 tons
  • Splitting Capacity (Duocut blade) 10 tons
  • Motor 2200W
  • Max log length (single blade) 520mm
  • Max log length (Duocut blade) 450mm
  • Max log diameter 250mm
  • Weight 47kg
  • Supplied with Duocut blade & Stand
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