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TPS/i Robotics offers profitable welding processes for all automated series production lines. Visit for the overall picture.Fronius is expanding the range of functions of its intelligent TPS/i Robotics power source. This system, which is specially designed for the requirements of robotic welding, can now be equipped with the extremely stable Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding process using a new additional package. Users benefit from the combination of an extremely high and reproducible weld seam quality, maximum welding speeds and countless areas of application.With TPS/i CMT Robotics, Fronius combines the advantages of its latest MIG/MAG power source platform with the most stable arc. The intelligent, modular system consists of interconnected and fully synchronised components and is specially designed to meet the demands of robot-assisted welding. The TPS/i power source has a high-performance processor and a high speed bus, enabling data to be exchanged extremely quickly. This results in control loops that are faster than before. Two perfectly synchronised wirefeeders ensure dynamic and precise wirefeeding and thus a high process stability. What’s more, the newly developed Robacta Drive CMT TPS/i push-pull welding torch impresses with its compact dimensions, which enable easy access to the weldments, and low weight for use on robots with high traversing speeds.TPS/i power sources that already have the Standard and Pulse function packages installed can easily be upgraded for the CMT process. In comparison with other MIG/MAG welding processes, CMT significantly reduces the heat input and enables continuous regulation from cold to hot. This results in an extremely stable arc and much less spatter even at high welding speeds. It can be used for a wide variety of different applications, including welding light and medium-gauge sheets from 0.5 – 4 mm, root passes, galvanized steel applications and special connections such as copper, zinc, steel-aluminium and titanium. With TPS/i CMT Robotics, robot-assisted welding operations can be performed cost effectively, efficiently and to a high standard.

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