MIG Welders

MIG/MAG welding is a versatile technique suitable for both thin sheet and thick section components. An arc is struck between the end of a wire electrode and the workpiece, melting both of them to form a weld pool. The wire serves as both heat source (via the arc at the wire tip) and filler metal for the welding joint.

KWS MIG Welders Here at KWS, we supply all major brands of MIG Welders and Equipment



The Fronius TransSteel 2200

is a compact, 3-in-1 welding solution.
It is the first single-phase inverter power source from Fronius that is also multiprocess-capable,
bringing together MMA, MIG/MAG and TIG in a single device.
Weighing only 15.5 kg, this 200 amp machine is also one of the lightest welders on the market
The Fronius TransSteel 2200 is characterised by the intelligent design of the device, ease of use,
robustness and a high level of reliability.



The Fronius TransSteel 2700 C / 3500 C

is a compact Fronius MIG Welder
designed for the tough demands of the structural steel fabrication industry.
Being extremely easy to operate with highly adavnced digital MIG welding characteritics on steel,
these 270 and 350 Amp Fronius MIG welders will deliver superlative welding results making truly
a market leader in this industry segment. Air & Watercooled system



The Fronius TransSteel 3500 / 5000

Synergic stands for reliability, the greatest possible ease of use and perfect steel welding. These 350 / 500 amp lightweight, rugged and robust modules with inter-connection cable, welding torch and display ensures that the welding wire advances reliably. The Comfort Wire function automatically takes care of wire feeding. The user can easily remove the portable wire feed unit and carry it to welding locations that are difficult to access. Irrespective of the position of the inter-connection cable, the welding parameters remain stable. Digitally controlled and primed with expert knowledge, the TransSteel welding system is ready, willing and able to deliver superlative steel welding, and guarantees 100 % system performance!

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