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Concrete Preparation

Winget Mixer 0.00

Winget Mixer

Robustly engineered with fully enclosed drivelines, WINGET mixers provide safe, reliable performance and long service life

  • Hand-fed concrete mixers from 100 litres to 200 litres mixed batch output
  • Positive, heavy duty driveline using roller chain, (belt drive on electric start) bevel wheel and pinion.
  • Highly efficient, two piece heavy gauge, spun steel drum
  • Multi-position lockable drum

Belle Mixer 0.00

Belle Mixer

A range of mixers for the professional and rental users. Built for site durability, these are quality, portable mixers for all small to medium building projects. The number one choice for mixers worldwide.

  • Compact and portable for easy transportation.
  • Mixes a full barrow load of concrete or mortar.
  • Complete with barrow height swivel and stand.
  • Full thermal overload protection.
  • Proven robust and durable design.
  • Extra thick drum with quick mix paddles.
  • Heavy-duty sealed cast gearbox for longer life.
  • Large choice of engines and electric motors to suit the user.
  • Electric or Petrol options available.
  • Variable throttle on Honda GX120 variant.
  • Enclosed Electric motor, sealed to IP 45.
  • CE compliant, with NVR (No Volt Release) safety power switch

Wall Chaser 0.00

Wall Chaser

Ideal to produce a channel in plaster, brickwork etc. in order to bury electric cables and conduits. Dust control option available

  • Economical
  • Very high slitting performance
  • Discs 125 mm in diameter for slit depths up to 40 mm and groove widths up to 46 mm
  • Discs 125 mm in diameter for slit depths up to 40 mm and groove widths up to 46 mm
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic design to reduce tiring
  • Ergonomic design to reduce tiring
  • Safe
  • Discs cover

Road saw 0.00

Road saw

Also known as consaw or road saws, Self-Propelled Walk Behind Saws are used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, tile, asphalt and other solid materials.

    Floor Grinder 0.00

    Floor Grinder

    Used for accurate grinding of concrete surfaces, removal of old floor coatings and contaminates,latex and adhesive removal,grinding and polishing of terrazzo, remedial work to rain and frost damaged slabs. Robust construction. Removable weight to vary grinding pressure. Simple adjustment to level to the floor surface. Adjustable dust skirt

      Floor Planer/Scabbler 0.00

      Floor Planer/Scabbler

      Floor scabblers are ideal for preparing concrete prior to refinishing, removing surface coatings or cutting non-slip grooving in concrete surfaces. Precision surface preparation is enabled by accurate depth control adjustment.

        Pole Scabbler 0.00

        Pole Scabbler

        Ideal for use where access is restricted. Requires a single tool compressor in order to operate.The most powerful tool for deep concrete dressing and for filler tamping especially in and around deep foundations and utility poles.

          Petrol Powerd floor grinder 0.00

          Petrol Powerd floor grinder

          The DFG 250™ is available in 3 phase electric or petrol engine powered versions and is ideally suited for the grinding of most types of concrete floors. The machine has a dust extraction port for dust free operation when used in conjunction with SPE vacuums. The rear wheels are mounted on a pivoting axle which allows the weight and balance of the machine to be altered according to the job specification and requirements. To aid operator comfort the handle bars are mounted on rubber vibration damped clamps. The machine also has a facility for the application of water at the head when wet grinding is required.

          • Simple foot pedal to raise or lower machine during use.
          • Anti vibration handle bar mounts
          • 50mm dust extraction port
          • Adjustable rear axle allows for two weighted settings
          • Screw type hand wheel allows machine to be set accurately to the surface

          Stihl Consaw TS410 0.00

          Stihl Consaw TS410

          Features of the TS 410 are extremely long running times, a reduction in service intervals plus outstanding cutting performance. Available with a 12'' cutting wheel, the TS 410 offers many features that are exclusive to STIHL, including semi-automatic belt tensioner and the ElastoStart™ shock-absorbing starter handle.

          • Semi-automatic belt tensioner
          • 3-stage advanced air filtration system
          • IntelliCarb™ compensating carburetor
          • Reliable electronic ignition
          • ElastoStart™ starter handle and decompression valve
          • Fully enclosed starter mechanism
          • Precision cylinder and 2-ringed piston
          • Water attachment comes standard
          • Reversible cutting arm for inboard or outboard cutting
          • Anti-vibration system
          • Balanced top handle design

          Powerscreed 0.00


          Petrol driven screed that provides a fast and accurate way of compacting and levelling concrete.

            Star Roller 0.00

            Star Roller

            Simple manual tool used for fine finishing concrete areas.

              Poker Vibrator Petrol 0.00

              Poker Vibrator Petrol

              The Poker Vibrator allows for a quick and effective compacting of deep wet concrete.

                Powerfloat 0.00


                Hand adjustable petrol Power Float. Fast and efficient in giving wet concrete areas a smooth and level finish.

                  Bull Float 0.00

                  Bull Float

                  A bull floating tool is needed to level ridges and fill voids left by the screeding operation.

                    Hand Grinder 0.00

                    Hand Grinder

                    This light weight grinder is ideal for better job handling with a powerful motor. The body has been engineered against dust access allowing no needed maintenance for a very long time. Diamond Blades or Grinding wheels can be changed in seconds thanks to its press button system.

                      Paddle Mixer 0.00

                      Paddle Mixer

                      Professional grade hand held heavy-duty mixer for easy efficient and continuous mixing in various building trades.