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170 Amp DC TIG Welding Machine Fronius-TransTig-1750-Puls

Fronius TransTig 1750 Puls


  • Operating voltage 10,1-16,8V
  • Open-circuit voltage 93 V
  • Mains frequency 50-60Hz
  • Mains voltage 230V
  • Mains fuse 16A
  • Dimension / b 180,0 mm
  • Dimension / l 430,0 mm
  • Weight 9,1 kg
  • Degree of protection IP23

Fronius TransTig 1750 Puls is a completely digitised TIG-DC power source with an output of 170 A. It is both light and robust, self-explanatory in operation and delivers maximum power from a 230 V grid. The pulse mode allows lower heat input during TIG welding, better gap-bridging ability and superb weld seam appearance.

0.00 Shipping 0.00 each