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Arcgen 300 Welder Arcgen 300

The ArcGen Weldmaker 300AVC is a mobile 300amp diesel driven, super silent welder generator available skid mounted, on wheelbarrow trolley or road tow trailer


  • Super Silenced Operation – reduced noise pollution
  • Welding up to 6.0mm electrodes
  • Excellent arc characteristics for all types of manual metal arc electrodes including cellulosic types
  • Compact design, weight reduced by up to 20% over previous models. Available Skid & Trolley mounted with fold away handles or on road tow trailer
  • Auto idle giving up to 10.5hrs operation with no need to refuel
  • Welding and auxiliary outputs can be used simultaneously
  • Infinitely variable amperage control for precise setting
  • E-mode tailors engine speed to required load
  • Auto shutdown will operate in the event of low oil pressure/high water temperature and thermal overload or with door opening for enhanced safety
  • Earth leakage breaker fitted for increased site safety
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